Easyforsure – a retail tourism platform ICO Q3 2018

In 2016, Dutch software development company Savana Solutions launched a platform aimed toward helping leisure and business travelers maintain their regular lifestyle when abroad. This platform, Easyforsure, has grown rapidly and today has over 60 vendors in The Hague including restaurants, beauty and fitness centers and various professional services.

‘It all began with our Facebook group Expats in The Hague‘ says Prashant Shukla who worked as business intelligence specialist for iQor and Altran before establishing Savana Solutions with sustainable energy consultant Richard Bevelander. ‘The group was established to help expats establish themselves in the Hague and has grown to over 30,000 members. It was the perfect springboard for Easyforsure which caters more to professional and leisure tourists that visit the city. Anyone lookin for  beauty, health or fitness providers can find them and book a slot without having to worry about long-term contracts right within the platform itself.’

Easyforsure has extended into Rotterdam with Amsterdam soon to follow. The company intends to spin the platform off into a separate and independent entity and began looking for investor participation in August 2017. The company reached out to Gage-Cannon Ltd. who determined that the platform was a good fit for its token strategy which provides tokens with much needed stability and liquidity.

‘Feedback and insights from private banks, wealth management and venture capital firms, investment agencies and regulators has proven invaluable in identifying where token strategies fail and how illiquidity and volatility can possibly be overcome,’ says chairman Snorri H. Gudmundsson, who has been involved with retail and online banking for two decades and has up until now been skeptical about the ICO environment. ‘We are seeing too many ICOs secure funding through token issue without much of a long-term strategy or even a working prototype in place and that has to change. Easyforsure already has their platform up an running, an active user-base and are expanding. We want to accelerate that expansion and the ICO is a good way to do so for both company and investors.’

Easyforsure is aiming for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) third quarter 2018. For material pertaining to the ICO or inquiries, please contact Gage-Cannon directly.


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