Boost your income

Earlier this year, we experimented with a new service called Pitch Review. This service is a final step before a client exposes a pitch deck, business plan, grant application or targeted presentation to the target audience such as investors, institutions, personnel, audience or media and. With a turnaround of 48 hours, demand for this service exceeded our expectations so now we are opening the doors for individuals to boost their own income simply by directing projects our way.

The Pitch Review includes comments, edits, rewrites, content rearrangement and image changes that strengthen the content in question before it is submitted to intended recipients. It is particularly effective for Horizon 2020 (previously FP-7) proposals which Gage-Cannon personnel has been directly involved with since 2013.

There are two main reasons why individuals and businesses that have allocated resources toward perfecting a pitch prefer to have it reviewed by an outside entity before submitting it:

  1. Too close to the subject: What may seem obvious to the writers may not be obvious to anyone else and it takes an external reviewer to detect this issue. An external reviewer may also see opportunities that writers may be unaware of (or consider inconsequential but have not addressed).
  2. Communication and flow: Text may have to be adjusted so that it speaks directly to the specific target audience. An example are Horizon 2020 proposals that speak to the European Commission – which does not make the final decision – instead of evaluators who do make the final decision. After spending months putting a deck together, things tend to shift around: an external reviewer will identify where the flow stumbles and is able to correct it.

The objective is to strengthen the content before it is made available to increase the probability of success. Clients that have utilized the Pitch Review service often do so at a preliminary stage (e.g. initial financing) and upon achieving their objectives have contracted Gage-Cannon to assists with the development of more advanced content, particularly marketing content which includes website content, mail auto responders and other text- and image-related materials.

Anyone that channels work our way receives an instant 20% commission (£100) on the initial review which takes 48 hours and carries a fee of £500. This is just the first revenue level. The second level occurs after the initial review where clients wish to get greater involvement from our side and splits into:

  • Half-time: We allocate 20 hours a month to provide greater support and help with the actual deck, be it business plan, grant application or any other form of document. An agent that initially brought the client on board receives £500 for the duration of the project without having to do any additional work.
  • Full-time: We allocate 40 hours a month which means that we literally become part of the team in question. This time, an agent that initially brought the client on board receives £1,000 for the duration of the project without having to do any additional work.

Agents operate as a contractors and are therefore responsible for own tax and pension fund payments. They will maintain proper books of account (we can help out with that to get things moving). Gage-Cannon fees are subject to UK VAT of 20% which are added to customer invoices and to Agent fees.

Get started today. Contact us for the detailed structure and begin earning more right now.


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